Twilight PassagesParanormal Investigators.


            Please go to You Tube and look under Twilight Passages Paranormal Investigators and look under

          the episode The Battlefield where you can see my episode as I communicate with spirits who have

          crossed over and bring me messages.   Plus please look under the episode called The boutique and 

         Monmouth County Battlefield in New Jersey  to see my investigations there.



​Weng Radio 107.5  Englewood, Florida

​Tune in the 1st Thursday of every month and hear me live on the radio as I talk about my gift as a psychic medium and take calls from listeners.   Go to and either listen in or view me as we streamline live.   Its the Morning Magazine  and it begins at 9am. 


Next show is October 7th 2021 at 9am. 


​    Catch me on this program with Jason Hawes from SciFi channel The Ghost Hunters.   I recently made a guest appearance on this show and will be back to do more.