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       Hello and please allow me to introduce myself and what I can offer you with my gift of being a psychic medium. 

        I was born and raised in New Jersey where I went to school and graduated college with my psychology degree.  I lived there for 25 years  but then moved to Florida where I currently reside with my husband.  I am a licensed and certified psychic medium  and this is my path of life that allows me to share my gift with you.

      I  am a 3rd generation psychic and all my life I was always able to read people with my gift and use my extrasensory perception (esp) and guide them along with love, money and any circumstances that were occuring in their life stemming back from their past,  regarding their present and future.  I have helped thousands of people with my readings as being a psychic until early of 1999 when everything changed which then made me a medium too.  In early march of 1999, I was diagnosed with a  brain tumor that changed my world.  During a 14 hour surgery, I died and saw the light .  As I saw this light I was guided not go into it and felt a spiritual force keeping me from entering it.   This became my 2nd gift and allowing me to be here today to help people like yourself.   It took me weeks later to validate what happened to me after getting released from my neurosurgeon.   Once you have had a brush with death and it affects your brain and already having the ability to be psychic, I now was given the gift of also communicating with your loved ones who have crossed over and to give you messages from them to give you closure of losing that special loved one.  I have the gift of seeing and hearing spirits which helps me to help you.   This is why now I can offer you my gift of being both a psychic medium which can help you with both my gifts.  

     I currently make guest appearances on and off  tv as a psychic medium  and at times with several paranormal groups of investigators.    I also do live radio throughout the Northeast and Florida and currently can be heard on the air as a  guest speaker  talking about my gift as a psychic medium  and give live readings to people who call in.  You can listen to me the first wednesday of every month at 9am on the Morning Magazine at Weng radio 107.5 fm.   My work also brings me to do readings for several celebrities, producers and directors on various programs  and I am currently working on a project for tv as a psychic medium.  You can now also find me listed under famous psychic mediums along with  John Edward, Theresa Caputo and Kim Russo and other famous psychics and that site is https://famouspsychicmediums.com/ .   I also can be seen doing Mystic Fairs where I get to share my gift with others who need me to guide them in the physical world and to connect to loved ones also who have crossed over.  

     I work out of my home where I do individual readings for your privacy.  I also travel  to you for readings for large size get togethers.   I also offer group readings at very low special rates and  I will work with you for all kinds of parties and special occasions.   Phone readings are a definite welcome and they are just as accurate and personal as my individual readings so please don't hesitate to call for your personal phone reading.   30 minute readings are available but only when I do private readings in my home.   Please remember since I am a psychic and a medium, when doing a reading I do not charge extra for  both my gifts.  I read you with both my gifts for that one price so your getting to hear from a loved one too and a psychic reading.   When a spirit has a message to give, I become the messanger and tell you that your loved one has a message or messages for you and thats what makes my reading to you a complete reading so embrace my gift and please let me share it with you.

    I now offer Angel Card readings and that is included in your 1 hear reading.  Angel cards are always positive and usually back up how our reading went during that hour.


     It is import for me to tell you I do not deal with the dark side.   I am NOT a demonologist and I do NOT do exorcisms.  My gift is pure and you will always feel positive  and at peace once your reading is done.


    Please don't hesitate and have your reading today and find out more about how my psychic gift can help you and let my medium gift connect with that special someone and send you messages that they have crossed over and are not alone.  


    Call or email me to set up an appointment for your reading.   Please I ask you do not text me for an appointment since I don't recognize phone numbers and so its best to call me direct and if you get my voicemail, I promise you, your call will be returned as soon as possible.  Thank you. 


      Private readings in person are $65.00  an hour or $35.00 for a half hour.  Phone

      reading are also $65.00 for a 1 hour reading, half hours are not done via the phone. 


     Group and party readings prices change so please inquire when booking.


     Paypal is available  for phone readings.  (Applied for  only 1 hour readings)

     Please do NOT pay for a reading until  we set the appointment.  


     Feel free to join my club I started on facebook.  Its called Psychic Medium Club  

     SW Florida.   Its free to join and you can meet and read about some of my newest

     members  from all over the country and join in on the conversation.


       If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. 


       **** Must be 18 year of age or older please. 


      God Bless and I hope to hear from you soon.


 1 hour phone reading - $65.00



       You can reach Debra for your reading at:

       Click on the email link below to message Debra or call by her phone!

        Email:  psychicdebra@outlook.com  or

         Phone:  941-539-2700

        North Port,  Florida


       Hours:  M -F    8:ooam to 4:00pm

                     Sat.      8:00am to 12pm  ....Parties and groups time is extended.           

                      Sun.     Group and Parties only by appt.


                  ( Groups and Parties times change) Please inquire when booking.